Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Still no word from Facebook...

So I've chased them up with another email: 

Dear Facebook,
It's been 6 days now and I've not had a response from you. I know that you will have read my email because over the years when there were website problems needed resolving you have been almost instant in your replies, never taking more than 2 days to respond personally.

Please will you dignify me with a response, I feel it is totally unfair that you disabled my account without even talking to me first.

I need to access my Girl djs .com group and there are no other admins in the group. This group is a closed community of female DJs where we name blacklisted promoters that are a danger to work with, and I also use it to contact the girls to see if they are interested in jobs that are available through my agency. I need to moderate this group and I also have 2 blacklisted promoters that I need to inform them all about.

Anyway, this aside, as I'm sure you're not interested in my problems. Can you please please just contact me to discuss how we can proceed with the reinstatement of my account.

I will leave you with an exerpt of an email that someone told me they had sent you: 

1. If Facebook is a SOCIAL website, Anna Kiss (who has a ton of friends/fans alike) should be allowed to use the name ANNA KISS as a name everyone knows her by.

2. If Facebook is a BUSINESS website, Anna Kiss should be able to use that name for her Facebook profile also.

So which is it?

Also If it only takes ONE person to report a profile and you then take it down, then it should only take one person to want it reinstated - Good thing for Anna, she has hundreds -
Reinstate Anna Kiss back on Facebook fan page - Currently 259 members.

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest,
Kind regards,
Anna Kiss

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