Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cubase & Midi - The essential bit of reading

After rebuilding my studio PC I have hunted high and low for this wonderous article that is the ultimate guide to Cubase MIDI problems, such as delay and notes playing early (which isn't actually latency, although most people, even the Cubase boffins, assume it is). 

Its deep and its gooooood!

If your notes play early or late, then its all about the 2nd paragraph - tick the 'use system timestamp' box. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Eager Young DJs... be strong!!

I saw this advert for a DJ today needed for a new 200/300 capacity venue in Reading today:

And it boiled my blood!!

I'm not a member of music jobs, or I'd be in touch with the promoter to ask him if he's offering the same crap deal to the other less skilled members of his staff, such as bar staff & cloakroom people. 

My feelings have been blogged - check it out here: 

Here is the discussion we had on my Facebook status today: