Tuesday, 8 September 2009

File Sharing

Following up from my blog entitled Radio Show Downloads, Promos and the Law which provoked a huge response from my readers and listeners, I thought I'd copy you in on an email I just received from a promo list I am on.

I am really pleased that something is finally being done, and I really hope it deters DJs who should feel valued to be on these lists.

"We are aware that the internet is a huge source of information and a great way to share files, however we have a reputation to uphold with the labels we deal with. Much the same as you all have reputations to uphold as a great DJs. We cannot do this if the promo tracks we service to you get leaked, as has happened with one of our recent exclusive tracks. The labels we work with have Anti-Piracy departments and will follow up any pirate activity with a heavy hand which will throw a shadow over your integrity as a DJ receiving promos from Club promotions teams. (This does not only mean us, but all Club promotions teams our labels work with.)

Piracy is illegal. If the DJ that has leaked a track is found to come from us we will be forced by law to release your personal information to the courts, should anyone chose to make a claim.

Please, do not put tracks we service to you on blogs or file sharing websites."

Before you all panic, they are referring to DJs who post the whole track up for everyone to nick instead of buy. To my knowledge it is fine for me to mix the track into my radio show, which you can then download. If not, I hope someone will tell me before I get threatened with court!!

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