Monday, 27 July 2009

Thanks for the support! (you know who you are ;o)

I had a response on my guest book to my last post on this blog, which I thought I would share with you due to it's relevance:

"Loving Lip Locked as much as ever. Also wanted to say read your blog (blogspot is iffy here at work some days I can view it other days I can't, beside the point) and found out today that someone decided to ruin the blog for the rest of us who really loved reading your personal entries. It was a true treat to know the real Anna Kiss we've come to love. Of course you aren't perfect, about the only thing we are all perfect at is our imperfection. I'd still love to read your ramblings and about your quirkiness ... it's what makes Anna Kiss, Anna Kiss. Don’t let the twats of the world get you down, vent your frustration and move on. There are more of us here that love your quirks and what you do than there are those who want to get under your skin. Besides if they aren’t brave enough to at least leave their name, they aren’t worth the trouble or consideration. Remember we love you Anna!!!"

Ahh thank you for your lovely words - I am sorry to disappoint you with the decision I made to reduce the personal entries on this blog. I will still write things for sure, because I want the world to see what it's like to do what I do, and see the things that I come up against while doing what I do...

Its just hard sometimes. When you go public about stuff, with no anonymity, it opens you up to negative feedback. Yeh that's normal and I do let it bounce off, thats for sure. (Things will only bug me if I let them, after all!). And I never forget how blessed I am that 99.9% of the feedback I get is gorgeously positive. The only thing that bothers me is that these negative responses/feedbacks may be bad for my work. My work is my purpose, my goal, and I will do all I can to minimise detrimental effects to it.

That said, I remember a certain 15yr old Lady Soveriegn emailing me many years ago, asking if she could guest on my pirate radio show. I declined mainly because I wasn't too keen on MCs on my show at the time and usually only had MCs that I knew personally on there, and also because she was getting a LOT of hate from people on various internet forums (my listenership basically!).

A couple of years after that she's a superstar! Just going to show, it really doesnt matter what people think of you. If you evoke some kind of passionate emotion in people, good or bad, then perhaps thats all you need...?

I would love to know what you, the reader, thinks about this... You can comment anonymously on here so you can be as honest as you like! I know this blog gets a lot of readers, so it would be lovely to hear from some more of you.

Is stirring up any emotion in people a good thing, be it love or hate?
What should a person hold back from putting in a blog? (apart from obvious things such as toilet habits haha)

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Stacy said...

well I agree with your 'guest book signer' ;) big wonder eh?
But really I do. I had to deal with anonymous commenters coming down on me on my blog once, I even disallowed anonymous comments for a while but it eventually went away and all is well now.
You know you have our support no matter what!