Friday, 25 February 2011

Anna Kiss Answers Your Questions

Yesterday I posted up on my Facebook page
If you were reading an interview with me, what questions would you like asked?
And there were so many good questions I thought I would answer them here!

  • Cameron Lundell: When before next November are you coming to Portland? :)
    I'm not sure, there are a lot of enquiries from all over the US, however nothing confirmed as yet... I'm hoping for it just as much as you are! Portland rocks! And last time I left I said that any booking I get anywhere in the US before November, I will fly to Portland myself!

  • Mel Meatballs Michael: What is your best and worst gig?
    Tough one that.. My first Pakistan gig was amazing, I ended up playing 5hrs and everyone was having such an amazing time. Likewise both gigs in Portland USA. It will take a lot to top those. 
    And as for the worst, India NYE 2006ish springs to mind, then the promoter seemed to think I was some kind of 'lady of the night' that he could use to help in his business negotiations with businessmen, and if that wasnt bad enough, I was stuck there for 15 days because they were disorganised getting me a flight home. They disappeared off to Thailand hoping to lumber me with the hotel bill but luckily I had my contract to show them so that I could leave and get my 3 flights & lots of stopovers home!
    I dont want to dwell on negativity, because I'd rather dwell on my luck being really good from now on!

  • Mel Meatballs Michael: what is YOUR top 5 favourite Tunes?

    Ahh! another tough one...
    Right now its: 
    Oh man, thats only 3 (because I cant remember the artist title of one - the new 'It's Like That' remix), so that'll have to do for now, it changes all the time anyways!

  • Mel Meatballs Michael: Where in the world have you not played but really would like to?
    Australia, Thailand, South Africa and South America

  • Tim SubOne Bennett: When did you get into mixin and why did you start?

    I started collecting vinyl when I was 8yrs old but didnt start mixing until I was in my early 20s. I started because music was in my soul and it just had to be done! I was very lucky to be in a circle of people who were also learning and some experts who gave me a lot of really good advice which still serves me now. 

  • Toni Heavydutybrothers Toolz: how did you and Heavy Duty Brothers end up working together and are the rumours true that Toni Toolz is a nice bloke? X
    Yes its very true, Stu's very nice too!
    I can't remember how it happened... didnt you practically beg me to come along? but only if I brought cakes..? ;o)
    I am very very grateful for knowing you guys, BIG LOVE xx
  • Moka H Mokavich who inspire you ? when you felt that music is your passion and you need to be part of this industry ? :) x
    I used to record podcasts when I was 5yrs old... so music and being a radio DJ was something that was there prior to any inspiration from external sources. 
    What got me onto mixing was one night in 1994 I went to Club UK (London) for a night called 'Back to 92' where I saw DJ Rap on the decks and I thought, you know what, THAT is what I was born to do!
  • Paul Rejon How is your love life?
    Great thanks!

  • Nick Ballinger If you could only watch one movie and listen to one album for the rest of ur life what would they be? And what happens to speed garage?
    hmmmm... I hope that never happens! It would probably be the Brown album by Orbital, because it is timeless and has several types of mood throughout. 
    Movie would be Avatar because it's enchanting and it's not as much of a fantasy as people realise.
    Speed Garage - well that died out in 1999/2000 - because of the natural progression of music. I believe Garage probably didnt move on beyond 2004 because it had a label that held it back. The Electro I play, and the Fidget genre, thats what Speed Garage grew into. I feel as humans we get bogged down too much in the labels of things, when music is something that is forever changing and developing.
  • Tyler Stolzenburg Wanna get a drink after your set?;-)
    Only if youre paying
  • Benjamin Ducruet Would you like to do a mix from Cerrone's "Je Suis Music" ?
    Not really sure what this means! Do you mean do a remix? I'd love to remix anyone well known :o) It's an honour.

  • Scott James Taylor What is your favourite colour?
    This, like music, is another thing that changes with feelings! As I'm a Reiki Master, colour is very important to me. It's therapeutic and I will often imagine coloured light if I need it to help me change my mood or feelings. I love turquoise (colour of communication), pink (colour of love), and purple (colour of spirituality). 
    You know what though, I'll just say WHITE, because the rainbow comes from white light - I couldnt possibily choose a favourite!

  • Marylin Maupoint What are your 2011 goals?

    There are too many to write here :) and funny you should ask that Maz, as today I'm going to write them all out properly. 
    The musical ones are to have a Beatport Top 10 with a track that everyone wants to play, to have a busy year with lots of international gigs and to finally get my lucky break....


SJT said...
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SJT said...

Wow. Thanks for taking the time to answer these so fully. I'm impressed that you took the colour question so seriously. Truly an inspiration for an aspiring dj. Please keep doing what you do.