Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Meeting the Swedish House Mafia!

Yes!!! What an exciting evening Friday was! We were privileged to spend a 5 minutes meet and greet with Axwell, Steve Angello and Seb Ingrosso.

It was all rather funny really as the details weren't made very clear to us, so we believed we'd just be meeting Steve Angello. So nervously excited as I was, I wasn't prepared to be meeting all 3 of the Swedish House Mafia!

The time came when we were ushered up the stairs and another surprise was that we were being filmed by a Swedish guy.. for an official video I am assuming.. (will have to look out for that on the SHM youtube channel!). We got to the top of the stairs and he asked us a few questions, which was hilarious as my girlies aren't as up with the info on the SHM as a DJ would be! So after a few awkward answers and me trying to step in to help the girlies out, we were ushered down a corridor... past the dancers... to a door, which had an A4 piece of paper on it saying "Swedish House Mafia Dressing Room".

GULP! Whaaaa....? Door opens, and before you know it there is a hand in mine and a kiss on each cheek from their Manager. Next up I'm doing the same with Axwell then Steve Angello. Absolutely stunned I walk up to Sebastien Ingrosso who sweetly says "Hi, I'm Seb", and I was like "haha yeh, I know!".

When I put my bag & camera down on the table I noticed that my hands were shaking. It must have been the total shock of meeting them all.. I SO wasn't prepared. For meeting them or for being star struck!

We had our pics taken and made some small talk, I gave each of the guys my latest mix (on which none of their tracks appear.... oops!), and then we left. I wish I had had time to compose myself because I really wanted to know what kind of equipment they use (you cant see it from the pit when they are on stage) amongst other DJ tecky type things.

As I walked out the camera man was there so I gave him my excited reaction.. probably a bad idea haha, as I was still in shock. If they use the footage I do hope I dont come across like a total muppet haha! I was star struck as these guys are the world leaders in successful House music... Big up the SHM!!

Here are some videos of the most amazing stage show that I have ever seen!! Check 'em out :o)

DJing in a shop window...

Last Wednesday I did a DJ booking with a difference.. I played in the Oasis store in Brighton, a booking kindly sorted out by one of my agents, Bubblefunk.

I wasn't really sure what to expect and when I arrived I was surprised to see the decks set up right at the entrance of the store in the shop window, in full view of everyone walking in the street!

They put me in some lovely clobber, then I played 3 hours of club classix, House and Electro, while munching on delicious chocolates and drinking posh cider for ladies. The people coming into the store I didnt think would appreciate what I was doing, but you know what, they are a funky cool bunch down in Brighton, young and old alike were gettin on down!

My friends DJ Jolie & Laura Brown were also doing the same thing in different Oasis stores, here's us doing our thang: