Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Truth About DJs

I feel that someone has to say it... I'll probably get dissed for it but I think it should be common knowledge, as maybe then things will eventually change... Every professional DJ in London that I know (minus 2 or 3) are moaning at the way things are right now. Perhaps recession has just kicked in to our profession.. or perhaps the fact that everybody is a DJ these days is the cause.. Actually there are probably 100 factors...

The truth is... the up and coming DJs that are playing the circuit and have gigs all the time - its not because they are good or in demand, it's because they play for peanuts (or commission from selling tickets). (they might be good - I'm not saying they're not - I'm just saying that because you see them on a flyer every weekend, doesn't mean that they are big in the game!)

It didn't used to be like this. 10yrs ago you started off playing for free, then you got £50 once you had made a little name for yourself. DJs that used to get £250 5yrs ago, are now down to £125. Because promoters don't care about the quality of DJ.. they just want people through the door, i.e. money! (I don't think its conscious greed, I think it becomes of living in the greedy culture of the UK - handed down from our corrupt government).

So there you go.. thats it.. it's not even my 2 pennies worth because you should note that I haven't actually said what I think about it! I'm just telling you how it is :o) xxx

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