Saturday, 27 December 2008

Bahrain Booking - December 2008

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Solstice season, and are looking forward to seeing in 2009. I've had a great time this Xmas in Manama, Bahrain, I've been here since Xmas Eve. My first night here I got VEEEERY drunk and didnt go to sleep until 8.30am on Xmas day... I drunkenly opened a present before passing out. Then when I woke up I was still drunk.. then the hangover from hell kicked in. I felt queezy all day, and the 8pm fajita's at Chilli's went down slowly, but eventually I felt better by the time I got to Cocoon for a lovely evening with friends. The night was Kinky Malinky and Lewi 5-0 played a wicked set. It was great to see him and have interesting conversations into the early hours at Tabu afterwards.

I played at Club Maxxim last night. The club is really cool, they have a great system in there. They even had a Christmas tree in honour of my night, which was called 'A Christmas Kiss with Anna Kiss'. Sounds like a kiss-a-thon but it wasnt!

Here's the dancefloor & booth (before the party started!)

Thanks to everyone who came down, you really were a great bunch as you appreciated the new stuff and even the filthy stuff! From the last time I played here, I know the Bahraini crowd are a good open-minded House crowd anyways, and you certainly did me proud.

Couldn't resist taking a pic of this... my poster was in the loo - haha so everyone was thinking of me while they peed lol

It's been soo good to see my lovely friends here, and meet many new ones too. People are very friendly here, it really is a lovely island. They say it is the Ibiza of the Arabic world - make of that what you will...

Here's some pics from my stroll along the bay yesterday (Friday is the holy day here so you see lots of families out and about enjoying their day off). There was the sound of children playing and scent of BBQing meat in the air.

Enjoying a cup of tea in the park

Coral Bay Beach Club - where I played last time I was here

Here is DJ Richie Kidd who's been looking after me while I'm here, showing me the sights, driving me about like a superstar, etc etc!

Trout Pouts...

Today is my birthday - and my present to myself was to swim with a dolphin. Something I have always wanted to do, and it was absolutely brilliant!

Such a lovely happy chappy!

Birthday kisses!

It was such a great experience, not scary at all, only in the sense I was scared I might hurt him. He did look funny close up, dolphins look very different when you are inches away, on the same level. It was hard trying to avoid stroking the wrong bits, like his eyes and airhole!

He is such an affectionate creature, I guess they all are. I wasn't sure exactly how much was affection or directions from the trainer for bits of raw fish.. But after I started scratching him (which is what he likes) he didn’t need any more encouragement and wouldn’t let me stop! It was similar to lavishing lots of love onto a cat or dog.. yet this animal so much more intelligent than us. I didn’t want to leave him, even though I got probably more than double of the 20 mins I paid for, I could have done double that even!

This was fun! I was more worried about hurting him and my bikini bottoms falling off... then when I got out my left tit was hanging out of my bikini!!! Which reminded me of the school swimming gala when I was 12yrs old and one of the first in my class to have boobs...

Check out that pure JOY on my face! I look like a little kid - definitely what you need on your birthday!!

This looked like quite an uncomfortable pose for Boris to hold for so long! Bless his heart. I love him to bits!

Thank you Boris for making my birthday the bestest EVER! xx